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{November 5, 2008}   Obama for President

I am very pleased with our new president. I believe that Obama will improve our country greatly. I was not able to vote because I was not of age on voting day, but it wouldn’t have mattered because Obama definently had the majority. This will personally affect me because now I beleive in the President that we have instead of our last President. I do not see a difference in African Americans and Caucasin. Other people do and my dad believes that Obama will be assassinated because of the racism that still goes on in our country. Our history is the past and people really need to let it go, this is one step closer to setting things right in our country. I think many politicians believe in our President as well. Many were skeptical of McCain because of his health and did not believe in the Vice President he had chosen. I’m not sure what the world thinks on Obama being our new President, but maybe if they don’t like him they won’t attempt to move into our country.


{October 30, 2008}   What a week

I have only been to class once this week and because of that my opinion of the week will be on what happened outside of school. Sunday after church my mom gets a call from my aunt saying my grandma had stopped breathing. She had phnemonia and choked on her food. My grandma passed away and it took quite a toll on my family. I spent the last few days away from everything; people, family, friends, school, and work. The only thing that surrounded me was nature, as i sat around appreciating the time that I have to live. I don’t believe many people get the chance to enjoy life to the fullest. To get out and do things that they never thought they could achieve and to just step outside of there comfort zone.

{October 9, 2008}   My room!

My room is quite small. I live at home, with a small box shaped room that fits my bed just within the walls. I put my bed on stilts for more room. Under my bed is a nice phouton chair and a table . A lot of my friends say that my room is very retro, other then the wood walls and green carpet, i have a mulitcolored lamp and multicolored beads that hang from my bed. My room smells like fresh washed clothes, because my mom over does the fabric softener. You can hear my radio in the corner when you walk in and rotation of the wheels on top of my door when you slide it shut.

{October 9, 2008}   Gas prices keep falling!
NEW YORK (Oct. 7) — If there’s one bright spot in a bad economy, it’s that gasoline prices have fallen, and they’re expected to drop even further.
As the global economy falters, demand for oil has dropped. And since the price of oil makes up about half of the cost of a gallon of gas, analysts see more relief ahead at the pump.
It’s a great thing that gas prices keep falling. They say that is will keep dropping. But I would fill your tanks now. Because the gas prices are known to fuck you hard and drive right back up.

{October 2, 2008}   Pringles

This picture was taken by my best friends mom in a hotel. My best friend is Megan Atkins who is in this picture with me. We’ve been best friends for almost six years now. She’s the most amazing person because she’ll do just about anything that’s crazy with me, even though I have to edge her on sometimes (Like jumping off of Black Rocks in our bra and underwear). Every year I go with her family to Wisconsin Dells and we have a blast just bein us.

{October 2, 2008}   Driving Finger

Your middle finger. Usually refers to the one on the left hand so it can be displayed out the driver’s side window to comment on another driver’s behavior. Found on

I will admit that I have used my driving finger for bad. Haven’t we all? Your just driving around some idiots one day when you get off work and they just barely car swipe your car, or maybe nobody will let you get out of the commotion and your finger just kind of pop ups. I think it’s happened to the best of us.

I really like this quote because I love dreaming. But more importantly I like this quote because of the second half. He talks about living as if it’s your last day of life. I think many of us take life for granted. That we’ll die when we’re old, but that’s not always true when you look at some of your friends from school who have lived a short life. You’ll never know when it’s your turn to die, so whenever you get the chance to do something outrageously stupid, or just something that you want to accomplish for yourself, take that chance and fullfill it.
I found this quote on

{October 2, 2008}   Pet Custody

Five years ago, Sara Vreed got embroiled in soap-opera-style custody arrangements with her ex-boyfriend — and they don’t even have children. What was at stake were the living arrangements for their 5-year-old canine, a Shetland sheepdog named Ivo.

What is this world coming to. It is beginning to become outrageous the things that people will go to court for. I would hate to be a judge and have to listen to the bull shit that people make up all day and everyday. Pet’s aren’t like babies, you can just go out and buy you another one. It’s ridiculous that they have to get someone else to settle their problems for them.

{September 25, 2008}  

This picture was taken by my friend Megan after our powder puff game. I absolutely love football, I love playing it and I love watching it. The seniors had the winning score of thirty four to the juniors that had zero. It was an amzing game, I had caught an interception down by the thirty yard line and had ran to the other side of the field only five yards away from a touch down. We womped ass, our powder puff could probably beat the senior football team.

{September 25, 2008}   High Ten

a double handed high five, reserved for especially awesome scenarios.
High five: Dude, you screwed the head cheerleader!
High ten: Dude, you screwed the entire cheerleading team!

I found this word pretty funny just because of the example that they used to explain the word. I don’t see as much high fives now in day, I used to be in a high fiver club, but we never high ten. I think i’m going to have to give out high tens more often.

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