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{September 10, 2008}   Open Season game Packers vs. Vikings

This last Monday I watched one of the most intense fooball games of my life. It was the game of the Packers against the Vikings, arch rivals (as these two teams are) opened up the season. I watched this game with my boyfriend who is a Vikings fan and I, of course, a Packers fan. This game did not displease me in any way, it was a good game. The ending score was Packers 24, and Vikings 19. It was an intense last two minutes as the Packer’s only needed to keep the ball for that long. But then it was overthrown to the Vikings and just when the Packers were about to be defeated, Bigby from the Packers intercepted Jackson’s throw. It was one of the most amazing endings I have seen in football times. Or maybe I’m just over exagerrating all this because my team won the first game of the season. I found the highlights on this game online at


kezej42 says:

I was really impressed with Aaron Rodgers. He’s got a lot to prove and I believe he’s doing it. His performance today against the Lions was great too. I’m also a Packers fan. My uncle is in the NFL, and I don’t care what teams he’s on, I’ll always be a Packer fan. Cheese head for life.

kurtis037 says:


I love baseball!

Go Patriots!

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