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{September 17, 2008}   Doom Buggy

1.A car that is wrecked, totaled or not drivable.
2.A very old car that needs a lot of servicing.
3.A car that is a lemon.
4.Any car that either looks like it will, or has fallen completely apart while someone was driving it

This word I find quite funny, I’ve never heard anyone use this word. This word applies to my boyfriends car. He bought his car for two-hundred dollars. He bungee straps his car door shut, there was a credit card used to scratch off snow in the winter time, and the body of the car rides so low that if you drive around a corner too fast it makes a high pitch noise of the body rubbing on the rear tire. But he loves this new car and added racing stripes and tinted the back of his windows. I find this crazy that this car is a doom buggy, but yet he races and drifts his car like no tomorrow.


drlivingston says:

Dune buggy sounds bloody goofy, and so does this. I’m not sure if I’ve heard of doom buggy before. I now have learned something. Luckily my car is not a doom buggy yet. A car that is a lemon, heh!

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