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{October 9, 2008}   Gas prices keep falling!
NEW YORK (Oct. 7) — If there’s one bright spot in a bad economy, it’s that gasoline prices have fallen, and they’re expected to drop even further.
As the global economy falters, demand for oil has dropped. And since the price of oil makes up about half of the cost of a gallon of gas, analysts see more relief ahead at the pump.
It’s a great thing that gas prices keep falling. They say that is will keep dropping. But I would fill your tanks now. Because the gas prices are known to fuck you hard and drive right back up.

nauwa says:

I have been surpriesd with how much gas prices have actually gone down. They are not as low as I would like them. I remember when I could fill my car for ten dollars. Those were the days.I am not getting my hopes up because it seems just as soon as they fall they go right back up. We keep getting screwed over in gas prices and I wouldn’t want to set my self up for disappointment. When I know for sure that gas will keep coming down then I will be more pleased with our economy. Otherwise the government is still forcing money out of the people that we don’t have.

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