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{November 5, 2008}   Obama for President

I am very pleased with our new president. I believe that Obama will improve our country greatly. I was not able to vote because I was not of age on voting day, but it wouldn’t have mattered because Obama definently had the majority. This will personally affect me because now I beleive in the President that we have instead of our last President. I do not see a difference in African Americans and Caucasin. Other people do and my dad believes that Obama will be assassinated because of the racism that still goes on in our country. Our history is the past and people really need to let it go, this is one step closer to setting things right in our country. I think many politicians believe in our President as well. Many were skeptical of McCain because of his health and did not believe in the Vice President he had chosen. I’m not sure what the world thinks on Obama being our new President, but maybe if they don’t like him they won’t attempt to move into our country.


nauwa says:

I think many people finally believe in a president, and it’s been a long journey. Over the past couple of years it seemed that many did not believe in our presidency and if the people want a running nation they have to believe in the person that actually runs it. Many people were waiting for the day that Bush got out of presidency and many are over joyed. Obama has a lot to fix to our damaged nation but I believe he can do it. Having a colored president will be a new experience for every one but it will finally show everyone that the president can be more than just a white male. Hopefully this will finally help people realize that we are all equal no matter if we are red, white, orange, or what ever color we may be. We have to learn to look past the exterior and look in the interior and realize that Obama actually wants to improve our damaged America. I think that many people think he is just going to fix it over night but they have to realize that he won’t be able to do that. Over time though I have faith we will finally be seeing the many changes we have been waiting for.

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